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How to fking use Git; like a pro

TLDR; Just read this:https://git-scm.com/book/en/v2

TLDR; Just read this:


Dear Devs,

Some tasks are easily performed using a GUI, some are not, some are more convenient. However, not all tooling is available all the time.

I recently had an issue with a version control interface that was failing, throwing 500 errors everywhere, but guess what? the git services were still working.

Its not only your responsibility, its your duty as a corporate developer to KNOW how to use git without all the bells and whistles of a graphical interface.

Using simple commands such as:

git branch
git checkout
git status
git merge
git commit --amend -m 

Is extremely helpful and extremely important to know when you want to work fast.

Take this into account on your current/next job offerings.

PD: yes, this is a rant.

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