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We try to publish the best content and solutions we can come up with, so that you don’t have to spend hours googling about this kind of stuff. These are some of the latest posts we’ve written so far:


about us

We are just three Sysadmins that have had to work on different areas of IT, whether it would be infrastructure, networking, development, testing, etc. You know, pure Sysadmin stuff. 

After a few years of this, we have noticed that on-point documentation and easy to read use cases are more often than not just not there.

Thus, we have decided to start posting some of those use cases and articles, digested and easy to read so you don’t have to spend countless hours googling for stuff. As we have.

Our Team

Geeks at heart that want to find out how everything works. Every. Time.

Alejandro Jerez

Cloud Engineer

Miguel Martínez

SysOps Engineer

Víctor Oliveira

SRE Engineer